HMRC Investigations Service - MHK Accountants
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HMRC Investigations Service

HMRC tax investigations and disputes are called many names, tax enquiries, tax investigations, HMRC compliance checks are some of these. Tax investigations, whatever they are called, are very stressful and difficult for the person under enquiry. We have vast experience in dealing with tax investigations and disclosures and resolving people’s problems with HMRC. Our partners have years of experience in dealing with tax issues. Whatever your problem with HMRC or with a tax investigation we can usually help.


Increased risk of a tax investigation


With the Government looking to reduce the massive national debt it is likely that there will be even more pressure on HMRC to bring in additional monies to the Exchequer. Add to that the far-reaching powers of inspection granted to HMRC since 2009 and it is likely to mean that tax enquiries will be more complex than ever, subsequently increasing the costs of representation.


Our tax investigation service is the solution


We provide you with the best possible representation and assurance and you won’t have to concede to the Revenue’s demands on a purely commercial basis.